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Out of ideas? Inspired by something here? Want to test a concept or even reach out and post one of your own Pet Products? Adopt a Pet Product from the pound or help a team get a greenlight with your experience, sweat-equity or sponsorship.

Product, Devs and Sponsors

Get the green light and formulate a successful roadmap. Prove the concept, get support for your mission and form your worldwide team.

Develop a Prototype for Equity

Do you want to build something that you own? Volunteer in the early phase and invest in your future. Find your worldwide team to solve real problems and improve the world. This is a place to find the team that compliments your skills.

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Our ideas are solid and not top secret. The days of building in a silo do not serve us all well. We lean towards open source and a place for everyone who innovates to own and take pride in what they build. Responsible investment and prototyping to ensure success or allow things to change and adjust or die quickly. the founder